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Philip Bogdanoff Retired Prosecutor & Police Advisor

Philip Bogdanoff is a career retired Summit County prosecutor who has experience as a police legal advisor and has taught at seminars sponsored by the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Ohio Attorney General’s office, DEA, MADD, West Virginia Prosecutor’s Institute, Arizona Prosecutor’s Coordinating Council, Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Virginia Prosecutors Association and numerous law enforcement agencies in Ohio.  Please see his website for more information,

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Ethics, Attorneys, and Social Media: How to Keep the Disciplinary Counsel from Knocking at Your Door

Philip Bogdanoff, Retired Prosecutor & Police Advisor
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Ethical conduct is a key to being an effective attorney. Each week we read about disciplinary cases where attorneys are suspended for misconduct involving clients, the courts, or other attorneys. In ...

Tue, Mar 28, 2023 - 10:00am to 10:59am PDT

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